• Question: Should we pursue space exploration, which is insanely expensive, when their are so many domestic problems?

    Asked by ogoldfinch09 to Laura, Lena, Sean on 22 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Sean Murphy

      Sean Murphy answered on 22 Mar 2012:

      There are many domestic problems in the world, however this has always been the case, and I don’t think it is likely that we can solve all the problems in the world. We cannot stop asking important questions about ourselves and the universe we live in because of these problems. One day (if we are still around in billions of years) we will need to leave this solar system to survive. Research into how to do this, and where to go will be very important so we need to start investigating this now.

    • Photo: Laura Waters

      Laura Waters answered on 23 Mar 2012:

      Some everyday things we use came out of scientists developing them for space travel, like satellite radio and loads of other things too.